So my lovely followers, it is time for to to say adieu to this blog. I’ve decided to begin a new one, focusing on my walk with God and just my life in general. I’d love for all you followers to stick with me.

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So today I started a new tumblr account. I think I will be using it more dominantly so this one might go bye bye. My new one’s focus will mainly be on what is going on in my life, and what God is showing me. The URL is below, hope to see you followers stick with me! (maybe even share the new blog if you like it) Love you all!



I was reading I was in Romans 2 and a major portion of it is the Jews and the law. Paul completely calls them out on their hypocrisy and then goes on to talk about circumcision. I like what he says in verse 29,

“No, a true Jew is one whose heart is right with God. And true circumcision is not merely obeying the letter of the law; rather, it is a change of heart produced by God’s Spirit. And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not people.”

I think we as Christians often get caught up in, “Oh I’m a Christian: here’s the list of things I can and can’t do because of that.”

We put on this personality of “Oh, I better not mess up people are watching.” Who’s approval are we trying to gain then?

It should be, “I am a Christian, I love Christ and because of that it is my goal to glorify Him through my actions.”

God doesn’t want a bunch of people that can just follow rules, He wants people with changed hearts, ones that love Him.


Opening this up to my followers and anons. Could be questions about my life personally, my faith, life in general, or whatever comes to mind. Ask away!

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The Bridge Chicago: Don't Base Your Walk on Guilt


Relying on guilt and fear to be the foundation for your relationship with Christ is a strategy it is easy to fall into, but it is a trap. Guilt is attractive because it gives the illusion of control. The thinking is that I feel bad enough about my sin, then God will be moved by me beating myself…

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Playing bass, taking pictures, drawing, painting, writing, typing, moving furniture. I’m beginning to think I use my wrist/hand too much. Could be the cause of the massive amount of pain.


Sometimes I sit with a feeling of longing in the pit of my stomach. Longing for what, I don’t know. It is inexplicable, yet it still remains. Its almost as if I live in a dream and I’m waiting to wake up and to have my life begin. But when I think about the future, I realize I don’t have any plans. Will I go to school? Will I fall in love? Will I make something of myself? I don’t even know. I know that I want to, but everything seems so far off. Its as time keeps me trapped inside a prison cell, serving my sentence waiting for when I can be released. Waiting for when I’m free. But what does that even mean? Its not like the life I have is terrible. I am in fact very blessed with the life that is mine. So what is this longing I have? I am a mystery to myself.


See You at the Pole- Over 30 people showed up this morning to take a stand for Christ and to be a light.

Friends- each one of them unique but amazing

Friends’ Houses- One family opens their home and makes amazing pancakes and smoothies, at the other I laugh to the point where I cry.

Church- the fellowship, the message, and the challenge to grow in my relationship with God

New Mumford & Sons album- its beautiful!

An open sketchbook- the many opportunities to create whatever I please, whether it be things from my own imagination or the communication of my feelings.

I am one who is very blessed.